Blinking Disconnect Light

Good Evening @Stephen @Todd.grobo @bjorn @GroboJulia

I Came Home Tonight And Noticed My Grobo Was Disconnected From Wifi… Not The Biggest Deal. OTHER Than The Fact, That I’m In Transition. My Concern Is The Blinking Light… How Long It Was Blinking? Not Sure… Hopefully It Didn’t Trigger Any Herm Tendency In The Plant.

Which Brings Me To My Inquiry…

Is There Any Way That Light Could Be Changed, To Maybe An Alternate Solid Color To Prevent Any Possible Herming…?

Just A Thought… Thank You!!

Hey @KleanRipz,

If you can shoot an email over to the team at we can investigate a bit with you and make sure the unit is working as it should. Interesting thinking on a spectrum change on the user LED, we’ve chatted about it before. Will chat again with the team a bit, you may see an update. :wink: