Blackout Curtain / Screen For Grobo Premium Door


So I’m new to the community, but wanted to quickly share a solution I came up with for blocking out the light from the Grobo Premium’s door during the nighttime or when you need it blacked out.

Love the Grobo so far, but the only thing that has come up (knock on wood) is during the first night of my first grow, I failed to consider how bright the light from the door may be when trying to sleep. I know eventually the light schedule will change where the lights will be off while I’m sleeping, but at the current 20 hours light, 4 hours dark, it is on during a portion of the night.

So I managed to throw together a magnetic blackout curtain/screen that is super easy to make and use.

I just bought a roll of blackout window liner that can be cut to whatever size you like. I went with 10in wide and 30in tall. And then found a roll of magnetic strip, where one side is sticky. I made sure not to remove the plastic on the back of the blackout window liner, as one side is adhesive, and then attached a magnetic strip to both the top and bottom on the back of the window liner. And that was it.

Attached a picture for reference.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.



I was actually looking on Amazon for something similar… this was my idea too! I have magnetic strip tape already and that was my plan as well.

What blackout curtain liner did you buy?


I found this liner online for a good price and it works great.

Velimax Static Cling Total Blackout Window Film


Awesome! I just ordered it off Amazon, $10.59 after tax… Should be here Saturday!

Thanks for the suggestion.


No problem at all!



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