Beta Users


Our team is hard at work bringing new functionality and features to Grobo and we need your help!

What are they?

Grobo Beta users are people that own a Grobo and are given early access to new features. Each new Beta we run will have a limited number of spots available.

What do they do?

  • They ‘kick the tires’ and ‘look for bugs’ of our newest features

  • They offer constructive criticism to our development team

  • They are active throughout the program, reviewing tweaks as they are completed

How do I become one?

When we are rolling out a new Beta, we will announce it on AllGrowers. You can simply indicate on that thread that you are interested in joining. Each Beta User will be given a key to access the program.




put in a local web cam … easy install with rapberry pi and could be done pretty


I’d be interested in being a beta user

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I would help too once it comes. I do all the betas and previews if I can. Running Windows 11 on my one computer. Mac Monetary preview on my M1 iMac, public beta on my iPhone and Apple Watch and so on.

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