Beta [System Generated Notifications] is Live! Join now!

You got it @Bongsmoker89,

Invite and key are on the way…


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@Stephen are we all getting the msg once on signup like as a default?

Hi @Todd.grobo,

Not that I’m aware. @bruno @DilrajGrobo any insight here guys?


Great catch! Yeah, that is something that has come up. It’s a weird transition since System Generated Notifications (SGN) and ones sent on scheduled basis are not aware of one another. Until we are fully confident in the the SGN, we will have to continue sending the 7 day ones as well.

I hope that clears it up the confusion, let me know if you are still confused :see_no_evil:


I just dismissed the message as I literally just did a drain and fill 3 to 4 hours earlier. Bottles still have nutes but will likely be replaced in the next 4 weeks as they are getting close to empty at over 100 days in grows


Is it too late for me to get on the beta program?

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Hey @JonnyBlaze,

I’d love to have your feedback. I’ll send you a key.


Awesome :sunglasses:

Id love to try it!! I’m on day 47.

I’ll get on too if you’d like

Awesome, I’ve sent you both a key!

Let me know if you have any ?'s.


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I would definitely be interested in any beta testing I can be a part of. thanks.

Welcome @greenmatter,

I’ve sent you a key to join up!


Push me an update if possible! day 4

Hi @winstonchurchill,

Welcome aboard!

This isn’t an update as much as a beta program, used to test the new feature of ‘system generated notifications’. Being on day 4 of a grow cycle won’t trigger any of these notifications, this is a beta program for those at day 40 or higher. (Or close to it at least.) Let’s wait for the next Beta program for you to join, it will be much better than this one for you.

Have you used the grow journal feature at all yet? Our next beta is testing the sharing feature, coming soon!



Hi Stephen!

Sounds good, I missed the 40+day part of the beta announcement but it’s all good! I’ve started using the grow journal feature and it works wonderfully! I really love what y’all are doing and I’ve been trying to read up as much as possible… This is actually my first time growing any sort of plant whatsoever so I’m super excited to learn more along the way! I’ve bought a couple of books as well as reading up on the allgrowers forum and a few other forums I found pertaining to growing in a coco pod and it’s all very fascinating and exciting!

Thank you so much for all your hard work,



Thanks for the kind words @winstonchurchill/Brandon,

We are just as excited as you are to get you growing!


Day 62 I’d like to join



Your Grobo is Growing

Flower (Day 41/61)
Sign me up please

I’m on day 21. Little early but always up for beta testing.

Let me know.