**Beta** [New Drain & Fill] --Closed

We need your help! Our software team has been hard at work listening to feedback, testing, tweaking and squashing bugs and now we are ready to roll out a new drain/fill procedure.

We have streamlined the process, added some new gifs, added a progress bar and have the system telling you in the app that the fill or drain is complete. You have lights in the Grobo to tell you when it’s filling or draining, now the app tells you what’s up too!

I will be giving out access to this new feature through Beta Keys. If you would like to kick the tires and offer us feedback, we would love to show you this feature early. Simply respond to this thread and I’ll reach out to you with more information and a Beta Key.



I’ll do it @Stephen as I will be doing a fill this weekend, getting back online tomorrow when I get my WiFi at my new place. My grobo did great in the move, and I’m pumped to get going. I can’t see the current recipe list, due to no WiFi, but is canucks cheese auto on the list? I’ve never run an auto, and figured I’d try a quick run.

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For the beta testing and feedback
I’m in! @Stephen

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Being a user with drain and fill issues I would love to try out something new. It would be my pleasure.

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I’ll help out

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Sign me up please.

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Depending on the sample size you are looking for I can help. I will be harvesting and drying soon. More than likely this would be data from my next grow. If I can help I’m all for it.

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Count me in! Never had a drain and fill without some type of issue.

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Be happy to join in on this also. I have a drain and fill I need to do today.

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I’m in👌

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Funny, I have the same seed for my second grow! let me know if it is in the recipe list!


Count me in :+1:t4: @Stephen

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((#YesPlease))… Email @fuz and we should be good to go… :partying_face:


Once you receive your key…Click on My Account button in the bottom left corner.

You will be brought to your Account details page. Here in the middle you can see a button to Join Beta Program. Hit this button

Now you will be directed to the Apply Beta Key page. You can paste your key here and click Submit.

That’s it! You are part of the program now. You can check the new drain/fill screens. The new ones have a progress bar at the top of the 1st screen. Enjoy!



Review for New Drain & Fill web app features.

I just wanted to share my thoughts and feedback for these new features coming to your Grobo in the near future.

As a Beta testers I was asked to give feedback for the following categories; Graphics, User Flow, Wording.

Lets get to it!

Here are a few screen shots of the new process. Ill take screen shots for each screen for my next drain and fill.

I really liked the graphical interface. It seamlessly blends well with the overall theme of the app and everything is spaced out nicely. The added animations are a nice touch and really my only complaint of the new graphics and animations would be during the drain animation. The bottom grey shadow on the 2nd or 3rd frame goes a shade darker for that single frame. Other than that little tiny OCD thing I think the new features add a new level of sophistication to the overall presentations.

User Flow:
This part of the new feature is really what I was impressed by. As you can see from the above pictures the spacing of the buttons are perfect and I like the clear and concise instructions for pausing a drain or fill. As I was reading the two lines of instructions for pausing I noticed the second line was to use the button at the back of the unit to pause and restart the drain or fill. Seriously mind blown, if that’s not a new feature and I just found out about it I will be so mad. Users of the app who need to take care of their weekly maintenance they will never get lost throughout the process. The app directs you in an intelligent and logical manner which removes any confusion. I also really like how once the whole process is finished you have the option of starting a new drain and fill which is great for cleaning when you have to do multiple drain and fills to properly rinse out the vinegar/water mix. Overall really enjoyed the experience and I look forward to my next drain and fill.

Okay, please tell me if my suggestion doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. On the top line that says either “Drain Your Grobo” or “Fill Your Grobo”. I think it would sound better with just “Drain Grobo” or “Fill Grobo” or even "Drain ‘insert name of your grobo here’. ex. “Fill WW Factory” or “Drain WW Factory”. (WW stands for White Widow my first grow :stuck_out_tongue:).

Other than that I think the wording is perfect.

In conclusion I think the added features improves upon the current drain and fill process by making everything more straight forward and at the same time removes any questions of doubt the user may have.

Thank you @Stephen for giving me the chance to try out new features and thank you Grobo team for making all of this happen.


My d/f is tmrw so I’ll get to see but looks good. It would be cool if it said it was draining and filling the name of the unit if that’s what you were getting at @Stephane lol


Great review. I agree with you and never thought about multiple drains for cleaning. That’s a great point.


Lol. Exactly what I meant.

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Hey @Stephane,

This is epic feedback, my hat is off to you. (Who are we kidding, a hat would ruin the mohawk, I never wear them. The feeling of gratitude remains though. :wink: )

We are quite excited for several new features in the works and are glad you like the direction we are heading with this one. I worked on the drain animation shadow fix and must have missed one. That my friend is a good eye. Great feedback on the text too.

Keep it coming,