Best Veggies / Fruits to Grow Hydroponically Indoors?

So I bought my Grobo primarily to take control of my smoking experience - to ensure quality and to learn more about different strains firsthand without paying the Middleman Tax. My first attempt at growing has left me with the smallest plant in Grobo history (are there any awards for this? :grin:) and yet I’m still falling in love with the process. I now wanna grow all the things. Starting with food stuff.

Anyone successfully growing fruit / veggies/ herbs hydroponically indoors? What setups are best for maximizing small spaces? I have all South facing windows and get lots of sun and NYC summer is just around the corner.

Thanks in advance!


Youtube (drip systems) and instagram ( flora flex) has some great articles and lots of pics for ideas!


Reading you guys’ posts about Floraflex makes it seem very intimidating at this stage in the game for me, but I’m going to check it out anyway! Thank you :pray:

Good luck @Hellyesshedid!
I garden outside and id throw some plants on your south facing balcony youll get good results


Flora flex is for the ideas they have wonderful pictures that can spark something new for you!
I wish I could find this one pic I saw, can’t remember where but it was a drip system through an entire patio through an apartment with so many plants it would make your head spin.

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Thank you! My south facing balcony is a fire escape :grin:. Technically it’d be illegal for me to put anything out there … buttttt - I don’t think they enforce that law. I’m gonna have to talk to some of the elders in the community (aka the experts of fire escape gardening) to see how if it’s something I can do safely.

Trueee …

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