Best to try first

I just placed an order for a grobo one and need to choose some seeds for a first run.

There are a lot of good looking strains in the recipe section. First few runs I want to use a proven recipe rather than generic. any suggestions on the best to choose? I know ‘best’ is subjective, but what are your favorite recipes you’ve tried and why?

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Great question @blue

Many growers here are on the first grows myself just started my 2nd others on a third. I don’t have a lot of comparison data.

The quality of smoke coming from the plants seems to be a win from everyone and yields vary based on training and any setbacks a plant may have suffered.

My suggestion would be browse these forums. I think one of the great grows here was actually an auto grown by @Bongsmoker89 It was a pretty low maintenance grow for the most part, great results from a first grow with no changes to the receipe. Seed genetics played a huge roll so even if you buy the same seed mileage will vary. :joy:


I say just find your favorite strain and plop it in. Or, find one you’ve always wanted to try and plop it in. It’s been a pretty easy grow process for the most part!

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Thanks! My goal is to set and forget with this. I have an old fashioned grow box that I have to do work with, so my real goal is to use tried and true recipes ( strain and breeder) so I don’t have to adjust anything.

I went ahead and bought some seeds on the list, now I just have to wait for the grobo (still in production scheduling)

Hey @blue, welcome. What bank did you end up with?

I’m on my first grow. I have been light handed with it. I picked g13 pineapple express seeds because there is a recipe for it ,and at some point in my reading Bjorn said it was one he liked. Not been disappointed at all. You can look at the whole life of the plant on this site. She sprouted Sept 15

Nice @Wolf - I saw that comment too but seedsman was out of G13’s Pineapple Express

@Dew, I used Seedsman. Was fun going through the recipe list and going through the reviews/descriptions on seedsman!

Bought a bunch…planning on trying Cookies Kush or Laughing Buddha first

Cannabis - Hybrid - Cookies Kush
Cannabis - Indica - Peppermint Kush
Cannabis - Hybrid - Red Diesel
Cannabis - Sativa - Acapulco Gold
Cannabis - Sativa - Laughing Buddha
Cannabis - Indica - OG Kush
Cannabis - Auto - Indica - Colorado Cookies


I bought ten on 1/2 price sale from northern. I got a white widow free with it I think next I’ll try it.

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@Wolf that’s exactly what I did. I ordered a few seeds off truenorth and got the white widow as a freebie. She is growing right now!