Best Location for Grobo [RESOLVED]

New Here, getting my Grobo this week. I’m thinking about installing in my garage but is gets cold in the Winter and too hot in the Summer. Have you guys had any problems with Garage set up or would recommend inside house? I have all wood floors and worrying about any leaks. All suggestions appreciated

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Most of my house is wood flooring. I spill a bit of water every drain and fill but easily clean it up. Your garage will probably be ok for most of the year. Where do you live? Think it will get hot enough in your garage a bucket of water could hit 40c if so put it inside.

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I’m in the South so it gets pretty hot 95F in the summer and cool in the winter 40F. I’m thinking maybe my first grow indoor and intstall some kind of Pan Under it, just in case

Not sure off the top of my head what your winter temp is but I think close to 10 and summer around 25. Your fine in the garage but is that where you want it
What’s your reasoning for that location

I was more concern about accessibility, I have roommates and also not sure about the smell yet. What kind of seeds did you have on your grow and how did it turned out?

I have mostly done indica strains until these 2 grows with an auto and a sativa. Click on my name and you’ll see my recent grows 707 and kush.
I use the seeds I have most of first so I could make the most mistakes and see the difference on the same strain of plant. Now these two are the last batch of my seeds for grobo. I ordered a new batch of seeds that should be here any day now and the next 2 grows will be my kush again but only to transition stage and beefed up. Then I’ll transplant them to the garden to grow this year.

Your roommate will know you have it. I assure youd flowering stage will be one to two months

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Ive had no issues growing in my garage.

My garage is insulated though - In a new construction house.

I find the temperature is + or - 10 degrees at most to what the house temperature is - So far, temperature this has been perfect.


In my garage it could be minus 20c or colder. Game over

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Yeah I think I’m doing my 1st grow in my office with the Grobo (Can’t wait till it gets here!) It’ll give me time to insulate my garage or maybe set something up to keep same temp year round, any suggestions?

Hey, grower! I have mine inside a closet under lock and key in the house. Temperature is more stable that way. You may need to consider the odor associated with the grow invading the room and possibly the rest of your home. I took care of this issue by setting up an in-line fan with a charcoal filter right on top of the unit.


Definitely!! Yes there’s lots you could do, depending on how advanced you want to make this and how big of a project you want to turn this into.

Because of my location, I choose to also use a heater, cooler, and humidifier, fans, and dehumidifier. This is all enclosed inside a larger tent which then contains the Grobo. All devices are controlled automatically by SmartThings. I have code written in WebCoRE to handle the automation. This is all above and beyond of what should be expected with the Grobo machine. If you can find a good spot inside then that seems like it would be best considering your environment.

Fortunately mine has never leaked. But you’ll find others on this forum who haven’t been as fortunate.


I need to put my grobo in my room any ideas for noise didn’t realize how loud it was until seeing a video​:thinking::flushed:

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Yea not a huge project just grobo itself in my room no extra tents or nothing is it a good spot and also do you fill I really need all that stuff dehumidifier ect…

Definitely definitely new to this some what nervous and trying to learn but its coming so yea

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My house dont get no less than 50 degrees and could get up to 100degrees during the summer I’m from sanjose California

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Never panic just post!!! Allgrowers forum have some great people that would love to watch you grow and lend their talents to insure you have a successful experience!
So if your ever in doubt post a question and or a picture and we will do our best!!!


Yo hope all is well. grobo touches down tomorrow and headed out to the hydroponic store and was just wondering what would I need to be successful with my gro any ideas list of what’s really needed hydroguard ect…

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For my grobo premium