Been awhile but almost ready53


In my opinion Looks to me like a few more weeks of flower
Not sure if you have auto seed or other. I’d do a trimming of those leaves and let her keep going! Is it to the second fan
This is mine 40/41 flower but I’m gonna extend still have white pistols. I have an auto seed


Wow! She looks Gorgeous :heart_eyes:
Really nice grow.

I am currently doing some Bruce Banner Autos. Many frown upon Autos in the Grobo box. I say it can be done very well. You just have to be flexible.


Also look close and see if the buds fully filled out or can still fill in more. I just cut mine down and a few of the bigger ones looked OK but never fully filled out. I kinda sorta maybe :grinning: wish I waited an extra week now, but it still came out OK for me and I needed to empty the Grobo.


I’m not feeling how my buds are filling up, doesn’t seem like they really doing much of anything but I guess I’m jus impatient.


Yeah mine are not super plush. I may be flushing after one more week. I think it’s about done but not quite sure. I figure after this grow I’ll start a new one and by time this one will be gone I’ll harvest again. First grow and I think I may stick with the auto seeds.