Beauty and the Beast?

Basement is the perfect place for a tent grow!!! You’d be surprised how well you can control a micro environment. 4x4 tent with two mars hydro sp 250’s a 16in oscillating fan two clip on oscillating fans tor top air flow and a cloud line fan extractor connected to a carbon filter on the outside if tent. A humidifier when needed and a little heater with temp control and you are good to go


Have a very similar setup (@Osage above recommendation) in a slightly smaller tent before upgrading my light to the mars TSW series which puts off much more heat than the SP series in-which Eliminated my need for a heater. The SP series only raised my tents temps 2-3 degrees while the TSW series raised temps 8-10 degrees. Both have drivers to adjust light strength if needed.

Works great! Even bought a second small tent for drying only so I could keep the main growing without stopping since some plants will need to come out sooner than others.


Nice work James!! You are coming into your own as well!! Keep on keeping on :+1::v:


To be clear to everyone - I’m super happy with my Grobo. In case that came off wrong. Stephen and Bjorn have been all stars and really help to set this solution apart from others. I didn’t mean to come off negatively, if it seemed that way. As I test both solutions out I’ll share my findings. I truly think Grobo is a quality product with an amazing team behind it.


I didn’t think it was negative at all. I appreciate you taking the time to compare devices for the masses here.


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Do your thing brother, and compare honesty! You will be thanked for that :+1::v:



Beauty and the Beast?

((#IWillWatchYouGrow)): :eyes: