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My next girl. :herb:

BC God Bud I’m a big fan of west coast weed US or Canadian. Going to give this a try as the bud structure looks just like the OG Kush I grew which did well in the Grobo.

  • Type: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Flavour: Soothing powerful taste
  • Genetics: 75% Indica / 25% Sativa
  • Specifics: God x Hawaiian x Purple Skunk

First set of leaves started to twist first time she tasted nutrients but I’m not concerned as this has happened in my last three grows. As always she will be growing side by side with a soil grow.



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Let the games begin.

I’ve been experimenting with doing side by side grows in the Grobo and under a full spectrum LED in soil recently. The reason is simple the Grobo can’t keep up to my consumption so this was the most cost effective solution for me.

I grew an OG Kush in the Grobo and won the first annual prized cup here at Grobo! The cup even comes with a little stash but my bud didn’t fit. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (pics below) I have an OG Kush going in soil now.

On to the games. I’ve started my current grow of this strain with a LED light in soil from seed and another one week later in the Grobo.
In two days the Grobo girl has really had a growth spurt. The soil girl is one week ahead so naturally a bit bigger. I’m eager to see how the challenge pans out.

I’m doing this experiment as the research on this strain says it likes to be fed a lot. This is something I have control over via soil but plug and play Grobo doesn’t know my plant is a heavier eater. I will nuke her slowly with nutes in the soil grow.

Source of research for growing this strain: Leafy

Strain Overview: A longtime favorite from British Columbia, God Bud was bred by Jordan of the Islands, who mixed a Canadian strain known as “God” with Purple Skunk and Hawaiian. God Bud is a powerful indica strain that offers potent medicinal properties and a sweet aroma of berry, lavender, and pine.

Grow Techniques: This strain can be grown indoors or outdoors in a hydroponic or soil setup. The plants and buds grow dense, so prune and train them to maintain airflow while using trellising to keep ample space between buds. God Bud’s flowers develop loads of sticky resin, making it a great plant for creating hash.

Flowering Time: 7 weeks

Yield: High

Grow Difficulty: Moderate

Climate: God Bud can handle colder climates, but be careful of high humidity levels as the buds develop. A drop in temperature can cause the buds to take on purple hues, but this strain prefers temperatures between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Indoor/Outdoor: God Bud can be grown either indoors or outdoors with success.

Feeding: This indica strain requires heavier feeding. Keep the plant happy by top dressing with organic nutrients.


Update time :+1:

My grobo girl is at day 24 now. It appears my pH issue continued in the grow since my last update and I had support make an adjustment today. pH was running a bit low causing causing a cal/mag deficiency. I will be monitoring her growth to see if the changes help. I’ve not been monitoring pH or EC closely on the Grobo and letting the magic of automation work that girl so by the time an issues shows up and I can get some support she took a bit of a beating.

Here’s my girl at 24, she looks a little small since I cut off the affected leaves and she had some nute lockout due to pH imbalance.

Day 30 for my soil grow same strain and seed purchase it seems to be fairing a little better. I have full control of pH, nutrient levels and feeding nothing unusal to report on this grow.


Had a slow recovery period in the Grobo but she’s on track now added some revive after calibrating pH probe and adjustments. Soil grow has been uneventful both are topped now. Soil grow is 6 days older but she is going into flower/transition today. Another week until the Grobo flips to transition.


A little update on this strain.

Grobo and soil grow both in flower the soil grow is week older and one week farther into flower.


Update time!

Here’s my two girls again one in the Grobo and one in soil type medium. Both are quite healthy now.

All this came with a couple of issues as follows:

In early seedling stage week 2 some pH swings which caused the dreaded twisting and crispy leaves, corrected via support ticket and calibration and additional 2 weeks added to grow.

Soil Grow:
Observed some brown spotting and crispiness in some leaves my first trouble shooting go to was a pH issue which I monitor very closely. I’ll admit I get a bit busy or just chance it and I didn’t flush the soil between the various transitions. When I flushed my run-off water was 5.40 but going in it was 6.0. Corrected this and the plant is happy again, I have to be careful going forward I thing my growing medium has product in it that lowers the pH need to explore how this happens.

Here’s the pics the soli grow is a week older then the Grobo grow, both doing well and healthy. :herb:


Good indication of the stretch on the Grobo in the picture above and the post before. Great plant size for the Grobo.


Killin it brother :fire:


Wow you are killing it like @Osage said. Damn lol


What did you change your ph too when u had problems with it ? Thanks

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