Banana Kush, first grow

OK, bud discarded, it was in there, but not visible from the outside until a few hours ago, hopefully it didn’t spread too much.

I’m going to try lower the RH tomorrow morning, and thinking of starting flush on my next d/f, meaning Friday

At least I’ll be able to sample some nuggs soon :man_shrugging:t3:


Yeah, defiantly cut the mold off, maybe the entire bud to be safe if your not sure you got it all. I only heard about mold, so good thing you caught it so quick.


Yep, I took down half the branch, stoped where bud were smaller popcorn as mold should’nt be able to develop easily there.
She doesn’t look too much stressed this morning, but with the cuting, I’m guessing the plant will mature rather than develop from now on, flushing this Friday.

The surounding colas seems fine, but at least now I can idendify bud rot with only leaves signs, and will keep a close eye on everyting daily.
Knowledge is power :sunglasses:


Tell me more about the better pump setup. My pumps make a lot of noise.

Aquarium air pump are the way to go, and considering the size of the grobo tank, you can always go for the smallest version that tend to be more quiet.

The banana is still alive and well, got the RH to 40 as I should have initially.
One question though, do you guys know if I can feed the dehumidifier water to my RO filter and use it on my grow?

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I replaced mine after about 3 weeks with this as mine was so loud. This sits on the floor behind the Grobo. I went UP in size and it has been fine.


I am not sure, I am using filtered tap water with fish drops and let it sit out 48 hours :grinning: right now and mine is coming along fine. I had to return the RO filter I ordered and didn’t have distilled on hand, so did what I had to do. Then nothing happened and it kept growing the same way, so I kept using it.


Is this what you hooked up to the air stone tube? :thinking:

And you unhooked the Grobo pump?


Yes, that is what I have now. The Grobo pump is easy to get to, a few screws on the back and you can lift one side up and the pump is right there at the bottom.


I just order some for my boxes.
Do I need more tubing since this pump sits outside the unit?


I ordered this with it, but only needed about a foot or so of the tubing. It mostly depends on where you put the pump. Right behind it, you will not need much, if you want to put it on top or on a shelf, then you can just use more.


We lost another cola yesterday, but she’s still getting everything else to stack up nicely.
since the humidity is under control, I have decided to give the plant another drain and fill worth of nutrient before flush, let’s hope I don’t regret it.


After a week of drying, white and sparkly!

did a vape test, really digging the taste, impressive narcotic effect, can’t wait to test after 1mo of cure!


Looks dang tasty Arn. Congrats. :tada:


Might have to try this as my second grow I have heard great things about it!


Ok Everyone, sorta good news bad news situation :

We lost the main central cola to bud rot this morning :pensive: but managed to save most of the bud arround it since the bad spot was small
BUT I did a check on the trich 3 days ago after my message, and decided to flush early (I know, can’t make up my mind :joy:)

So I’ve decided to cut it down this morning to minimise the losses, flush is shorter than I would have liked, but I didn’t want to lose more yield.

I did a really close trim to avoid any issue, just gotta wait now :partying_face:

@Todd.grobo @SilverGrobo @TheDogMan @STANK @FireGuy @Stephen
Thanks everyone in this thread who helped me get there, so much to learn still :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Next grow : Big bud by sensiseed
A friend of mine started it a few weeks ago, this thing is ginormous, especially fan leaves during late veg.

got inspired by @Mpower11, the project is to only keep 4 branch this time instead of 8, I JUST want colas :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That looks nice, I would be more than happy if I get that from mine. I don’t know if you infuse and make edibles or not, but even bad or moldy bud can be used with it.


yeah, I only discarded the really bad stuff and kept everything else around it with the sugar leaves that will be infused into coconut oil tomorrow.
I think I only lost about 20%, definitely really happy with what I got.

If you ever grow this strain (I hugely recommend it if you can keep RH down during flower) tag me in your post and I’ll help as much as I can :slight_smile:


Hey @Todd.grobo I’m guessing there’s just a slight difference with flower lengh right ?


Looks like great smoke!