Looking at getting some Candy Kush AutoFem seeds from “Auto Seeds”. 65 day grow time.

Has anyone in the us ordered from this company?
Anyone grown this plant?


I grew the hijack from them for my outdoor grow and it grew fast and strong.

Thanks for the reply. Do you happen to live in the USA?

Yes, I ordered them from true north seedbank. First order got confiscated and I didn’t get insurance I had ordered the candy kush. Second order with insurance arrived no issues but they were sold out of candy kush.

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I’m in day38 of my grow

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Nice I just started hijack in my grobo today. Requested recipe last minute, I didn’t know what I was going to grow next.

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Hello. If I I order from canuk seeds or north seeds. Do they send in a discrete packing?. Final destination will be in Texas.

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[All of our seeds are usually sent in their original breeders packaging , unless you request their removal. We also reserve the right to remove the seeds from original packaging to ensure a safe delivery . All products are wrapped up in bubble wrap or other protective material and packed in bubble wrap envelopes.]

Delivery Information | True North Seed Bank › delivery

(Delivery Information | True North Seed Bank)


[How are Canuk Seeds shipped? All seeds are shipped discreetly , in plain envelopes/ packages with no indication of the content. For high value orders , every CA$500 worth of seeds will be sent in separate packages .]

Frequently Asked Questions | Canuk Seeds › faq

(Frequently Asked Questions | Canuk Seeds)





I order seeds from the following


  • limited stock - good quality


  • lots of stock - lesser quality


  • lots of stock - lesser quality


  • lots of stock, top shelf breeders - best quality selection

All four shipped in discrete packaging (unmarked box). All of my purchases came in breeder packaging. Neptune took the longest as a first time purchase via CC they wait for the payment to clear (took 7 business days to receive)