Automate Temp & Humidity - Hardware Suggestions

Hi experts! I’m told I missed one of the basic fundamentals of growing - a thermometer and humidity meter.

If I’m going to add this equipment to my Grobo, I’d like to have it automated.

Any suggestions on hardware additions that would compliment my Grobo to help control the temperature and humidity?

Thank you for your input!!

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For myself I have a dehumidifier set to a certain RH level during the summer as my humidity rises. And in the winter I have a humidifier to do the exact opposite. To properly measure the temp and RH I would suggest a digital hygrometer with thermometer integrated. They usually have a magnet on the back which is perfect to place inside the grobo.

The temperature is up to you to set your thermostat for your home to a certain temp or get a space heater with thermostat.

I hope this helps.


Thank you!! Does grobo provide the recommendations as to what we’re supposed to maintain temp and humidity at? I haven’t seen any of this info come through on the weekly updates so once I had the equipment I’d be searching for this info! So much to learn… Oye

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McManus you forgot temp and ph :joy:



((#Temperature))… :thinking:


Temperature is on there