Auto too tall- tips needed

Day 51. Transition. Auto plant.

Too tall and lights burnt the top while I was gone over the weekend. I bent the stem to give it room. Any tips? I haven’t topped or done any type of maintenance since it’s auto


At this point I think the only option left maybe supercrop (It looks like you super cropped the top already)

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I don’t have any really useful tips for this, but maybe some suction cups with hooks on them could be placed midway up the walls, and you could try to Bend the plant in various locations, in a clockwise/counterclockwise rotation. But the plant looks like it has just begun its Reach stage. Too late to chop it back, since its an Auto.

I am a Newbie so I will defer to some more experienced posters. I will say, that I’m surprised this does not happen to nearly everyone, from time to time. There are many Strains out there, which grow far taller than your cabinet.


I just had a similar problem. Killed my grow at Day 55 or 56-ish. Was stretching and stretching and I couldn’t control it anymore

I used plant ties to tie branches down horizontally, used magnetic hooks down LOW to try to pull the branches down and put them up against the sides, and even super cropped a branch that was super tall… I had very little bud progression and knew I had atleast another month of dealing with this beast, so decided to kill it and start anew. I’ve seen this happen too many times to count now, especially lately, autos are scary in the Grobo.

I was dealing with leaves touching causing moisture and wet spots, burning leaves daily, and still had no buds formed… almost all my branches smashed against the top, and even tying them down just made them go horiziontally for a day then shoot back up vertically : /

This was 13 days ago, and I cut her down on Saturday, which was only 3 days ago. she kept growing in those 10 days before the cut… so you can see why I made my decision.


Auto plants you shouldn’t get rid of leaves? Thinking that could help more light reach lower leaves and buds

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