Audrey3 Day 51! Issues?!?

Audrey3 is at day 51! It’s a white widow fem from Canuk. Edit: wrong bank!

Just have a couple questions:

Does she look short? Just started touching the fans. I have done light pruning and LST but this seems short…

I just remembered that it skipped my last drain and fill? Today is last day of transition, will it prompt me then?


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Oh, I just remembered that I posted my roots last week and I had ~26 Celsius res water!

I am working on a chiller for it, just need my paycheque! :tired_face:

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For comparison, my tent grow indica dominate hybrid that I LSTed is at 10". It’s at 49 days.

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I think it’s about that. Makes me feel better about that!

I know that I shouldn’t be worried as it has all the room to grow!

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I’m wondering if I need a chiller. Knock on wood but, I’ve been running my first grow with little to no problem. Is Sweet tooth an easy strain to grow?

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She is a bit on the short side. You want it to get to the second fan roughly when she goes into the flower stretch

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Next time if she’s like this going into transition add a week or two to veg to help make up for the topping and lst


Leafly says difficulty growing level is easy👍

Depends on the climate you live in I suppose. I’m in southern Ontario and I’ve no need for the chiller and it does get rather hot in the summer

Chillers are not completely needed, but if you do have temp/humidity issues like I do in Alberta, it helps keep the roots healthy, less stress on the plant, and stops algae blooms in the tank.

If I’m only growing one plant at a time, I’m giving that plant anything to keep it healthy and happy!


I’ve been giving my plant ice baths daily to keep my roots chill. The small chillers I bought are Chinese crap good for nothing. They didn’t chill anything.

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