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Hey guys Ive been scrolling through & noticed a lot of people have thermostats, hygrometers, water chillers, etc… I was wondering if you guys have used or added something to your grobo to improve your grow? Also on my first grow I had some issues with the LED stack up & would unplug it a few hours a day to give her a break. Make a long story short I found a little fly chewing on the stem, is there a product that keeps away insects? Without harming your grow?

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I was even considering installing a camera inside the grobo so I dont have to open it as frequently… ?

Hey @Hazy_Hoose

A quick thought. Point of growing your own is to know its 100% organic. Right? I don’t want to smoke anything other than my plant.

I would suggest accessing your grobo immediately following a shower in clean clothes and keep your door shut when working on it. Also maybe turn on a fan aimed at the grobo keeps the bugs away too. Other than preventable things bugs shouldn’t be finding a way in. Worn clothes? Pets? Leave your clothes on the floor?

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Neem oil is placed in a small container/saucer for insects and is a natural product. There are several brands to choose from.



You’re almost getting in a clean suit and I have mine in my garage.

If you keep the door shut bugs can’t really get in because the fans run 24/7. Even with my back panel opened with a chiller they don’t get in there, and I probably check on it twice an evening 5 days a week or more. Neem oil should work nearby, I’ve used it for other plants without having to spray it on them (just in a dish). My wife has also made an apple cider vinegar/dawn dish soap mixture that is great for flies. Google may help.