Atomical Haze

Same age as wappa but 10 inch long white roots
Looks discolored to me. Just pinched all my hoses


Looks similar to one of my plants that was starting to show calcium deficiency. Also looks like she has some red stems, which could possible be from exposure to light%

Units are closed. Not sure what light would effect this particular grow but no previous ones. Hrm
Ill keep my eye on it

I was thinking the stems maybe red from exposure to the Grobo lights.

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  • (How Does Your [Coco-Pod] Feel): (Should Start Drying Out Now That Your Root should Be Down In The Water):

  • (How Warm Is Your Tank Water):? (How Are Your Bubbles): :question:

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yes there are bubbles, no its not warm, its winter here!
Its just an odd color and shape atm.


I didn’t know red looking steams could be an issue. Good to know :+1:

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me neither. there is always some red to them, at least at the very end

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Hrm. Unfortunately without moola the plant will consistently deal with temperature fluctuations etc which may stress it. Nothing i can do but good to know

Roots are browning suspect shes a gonner

Sucks. :pensive::disappointed_relieved:


The plant did pick up the problem before me unfortunately still too late for plant. Due to stuck sensor on back of reservoir
Caught dampening off on the other plant in checking for issues. So positive outcome either way

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