Are bubbles constant? [RESOLVED]

Just curious :face_with_monocle:.
So I’m prepping for go number 2 since pods and other extras arrived today. I have a seed germinating in water this time. :smiley::pray::seedling:

I haven’t opened my Grobo since last week, and it was a couple days after that that I thought to end my grow. I opened it tonight to this. No bubbles.

Does the air pump stop with end grow? I thought bubbles went all the time.

They did stop once during last grow attempt but a quick something woke the pump back up, I was too panicked to make a note and don’t think I even mentioned it here…:thinking: Oh yes, drain/fill, because I recall when it finished draining the bubbles returned with just that little bit of water left.

Does this mean I’m going to have a fickle air pump?:weary:

Am I getting ahead of myself? I was hoping that was a one time thing.:crossed_fingers:I do have an extra air stone around here somewhere that I just bought and already misplaced. :rofl:

PS. Please forgive me- there’s no solution left in my tube for my probe since I knocked it over and I haven’t gotten those extras yet. Figured I could leave water in the unit until I got another pod or grab some res water for the tube and get to cleaning. The only reason leaving the sensors inside the unit with water won out was because I thought the oxygen bubbling in the water would be better for the probes than sitting in stagnant water. But they are nonetheless… And no, if I’ve no solution to store anything, I can’t calibrate anything either. Not yet. Hacks??


I’m pretty sure the recipe has to be active for the air bubbles to come on.


I believe once you end grow bubbles will stop. It’s been a few months so please anyone with info please chime in.


Oh that is a relief!!! Thank you!! :sweat_smile:


I have had 2 grows that died on me. The first was after 3 weeks ( did do a cleaning of just the tank) and the second the seed didn’t pop ( all I did was start a new grow just changed cocopod,seed. Then I had one complete grow 110 days… and only time I did ph probe clean/calibration was after my first completed grow. Every Grobo is not the same. I just make sure to check my plant for signs of stress. I also have ph meter just to have an option to check it if something looks bad. Sorry for the long story lol.

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Please, if you couldn’t tell, I’m very long winded! :rofl: Not long at all, I appreciate it. How long was the wait between stop/ start times?

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Usually within 48 hrs. I started to drop my seeds in RO water to get seeds to open before placing in cocopod. Since I had the 1 did that didn’t pop.



  • (No Worries, it Is Running The Way It Is Designed To, No Bubbles When [EndGrow] -And- No Bubbles On [Drain/Fills]):

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  • ([RESOLVED]):