App update

Hey Everyone,

We just pushed an app update that includes the following bug fixes and additions.


• Added growth stage and current day to Home page
• The Notifications page now shows the actual number of notifications (instead of 10+)
• Standardized text positioning in the Grow Journal for single or multi line plant names
• Vertically centered text on Unit Settings page
• Changed the buttons on the Light Settings page to match the other pages
• The Change Password page’s buttons now say “Back” and “Update"
• Timeline bars in the Grow Journal are now connected

If you have any questions or comments please let us know :slight_smile:

Happy Growing!





Thank you for the app update!


Hi @bruno

First off thanks for the update. Next give me an inch and I’ll demand a foot which leads me into my question. It’s great to know what stage we’re on in the app but I personally can tell what stage myself except for the flush by the light cycle changing.

What we really need is the ability to see the whole grow schedule for the current reciepe in place, I would like to know in advance what day i will be going into flower and not just look and see ohh I guess that happened today. And lastly the abilty to adjust the end of our grow as I know has been already discussed. My grow has been extended and shortened via support (@Stephen) which I could have done easily myself. Timing on this would be great. :+1:


Hey @Azuri,

Glad you like the update, knowing which stage you are in and how much longer before the stage flips will be helpful to all growers. Giving the user the ability to adjust their schedule somehow is something we have been deliberating over for quite some time. We want to ensure success first and foremost, but empowering the grower is also important. Bear with us as we continue to develop awesome features, test them and roll them out to our fantastic community.



Hehe you know me by now @Stephen I’m the kid screaming in the back seat “are we there yet?”


Hey @Stephen / @bruno

Looks like I may have missed the importance of this update since I was in flush mode when it was pushed out and there was no indication of days to next stage since there is no next stage in my case. I think what I was asking for is actually live now, my bad. :crazy_face: Here’s what it looks like being on the last stage of the grow with no number of days in cycle shown.

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@Azuri, that’s the screen we are all looking for.