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I read this on the opening page. I have not done this nor seen any documentation on this.
Can the team elaborate In more detail please?

How much maintenance will Grobo require?

The Grobo unit will require very little maintenance; all you have to do is top off the water and replace the nutrients when the unit sends you a notification, as well as do a full system flush of the unit after every 3 grow cycles. This flush mode is fully automated and only requires you to pour a solution into the water reservoir as well as place the exterior hose in a bucket or sink.


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Hi @Todd.grobo,

I believe that the statement is referring to this:




Yes sir @Chris
I havent seen any follow up to that and I was looking under faqs.

@Todd.grobo follow up for what exactly?



How does one clean it after 3 grows and with what chemicals and how much of each etc etc
I’m finishing my 3rd grow on one of my machines and will want to cycle through whatever cleaning cycle is required to maintain the product.

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Hey @Todd.grobo, can you be more specific on where you are seeing this? I’m not pulling it up on our support FAQ.


Are you referring to the 50/50 water and vinegar solution? That’s all I’ve used to clean after each grow and it’s seems to have kept the unit clean.


Open up
Top left corner faq. Comes up right there. Just want to know if anything other than what I’ve been doing is required