App keeps crashing help

Hey how are you guys doing ? My app keeps crashing I can’t go into the recipes as soon as I start typing a strain it crashed and disappears and it only showed me 5 recipes does anyone else have this issue and help Grobo

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I haven’t had this issue before but a future update will probably fix that. You can also access your Grobo using your computer. There’s a link somewhere on the website.


Hey @Simplegardener17,

You can always check to ensure you are on the latest version of firmware by checking here:

and then here:


Do note that 9.6.6 is the latest version, I’m testing the next one already as you can see. :wink:

If that doesn’t fix your issue, please reach out to the team at



What phone do you have as I use one named after a fruit :grinning: and the app has been working fine. I dont mention it to avoid the fruit vs other phones stuff. :rofl: Just order the fruit 13 Pro Max today too.

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