Anyone using Growbuddy?

In preparation for my first grow I am researching here and there and an organized grow schedule seems like a smart thing to do. So I stumbled over growbuddy. Anyone here ever used it and can share some insights? Is it worth setting up or is it more of a novelty?
I appreciate the insights, cheers.

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I dont feel its necessary in this case because once you start your grow you get weekly notifications that basically tell you what’s happening to your plant and what to expect. Grobo also feeds ur plant for you so mostly you just need to look for signs that something is wrong.
Most of us take pics of our grow and most it on here in the grow journal or we just create a post about our grow. It’s a cool idea if your doing an outside of grobo grow and have multiple plants , but then again most of use just post that on here too, for like bragging rights or if we have a general question.

We are a grow family here.