Anyone running multiple grobos

Wondering if anyone has more than one grobo running, maybe with some clones or other method for keeping a steady personal supply. Interested in hearing your experiences and take aways.


Hey, I work with 4 Grobo’s :wink: Check out my grow’s I have posted.


@Mr.420 do you start them all from seeds and stagger them? Do you clone from one? I kind of want a second grobo so that I can be harvesting a couple ounces every two months. Wondering if it’s worth getting a second or just starting a clining station or something.

I have done both. :wink: For me I prefer starting from seed and making my own clones. :wink:

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Would you recommend taking clones and trying to keep one alive long enough to put in the same grobo or is that rediculous? I’m only on day 11 of my first grobo grow and have not grown in about 20 years. I’m already thinking about a second grobo… the wife would not be happy with a grow tent. 2 grobos would be her limit.

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No you may as well just do it from seed. I only take clones for immediate use. :wink:


@liddellOnus I have 2 staggered


Worth it? I smoke about an ounce a month… do you think two grobos would make me self sufficient?

@Todd.grobo I should reiterate that this is my first grobo grow, and I don’t know yet how much nutrients I’ll go through on a single grow let alone maintaining two

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I’m in the drying phase and purchased another. My second Grobo should arrive Wednesday. My first grow I used about 2 sets of nutes .


Maybe a weird question but does it matter where you place your Grobo? By a window or in a dark corner?

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Probably away from a window to avoid temp fluctuations, also as a side note make sure it isn’t too close to a wall or corner so the exhaust can flow away / not heat up too much. (like give it at least 6 inches from the wall) This is just my opinion :sunglasses:

And not a weird question :+1:


That’s up to you and your disposable income. No I dont think it’s worth it but I am happy with my setup. I am using them for various things so I feel I’m getting my moneys worth
I smoke about 45 to 55 g a month

You have 5 grobos? Or 5 other things?

Nah just 2 bro. That’s plenty for me to manage

I’m running 2x grobos here. Their schedules are currently staggered so one sits around day 60-70 when the other gets a seed planted.

Quick personal opinion/thoughts on it are:


  • grow two at a time
  • get more experience
  • small amount of space used


  • maintain two at a time (drain/fill, monitor, prune, clean, troubleshooting, etc; time-suck factor)
  • more nutes/cocopod/filters/etc to buy
  • temp/humidity requirements might not be synchronized (seedling wants high humidity, but flowering should be lowered); this is only an issue if the grobos don’t have individual environments/rooms

Haven’t tried from clones. I’ve only been growing autoflowers so far, aiming for progressively better grows to get more experience with this style of growing.

I also have a small tent running which will be converted to DWC (currently soil) when this crop finishes.


I’ve been in same boat looking for a second unit. But not completely sold. Similar consumption rate as you, and the dispensary trips are adding up cost wise.

I will do 4 ten gallon fabric pot outdoor grows this year. If this is successful, there will be no need for a second Grobo.

I would wait to see how your first grow does before making decision.

I own a condo in the city and thus I dont have an outdoor option. We have an 1800 sqft loft but the misses will not tolerate a big grow tent. Looks like a second grobo is right for me. At least then I should be able to sustain my consumption. :slight_smile: Happy wife, happy life they say.



Just sent you a tracking number. :wink:


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You will likely find a strain or two that consistently produces a similar harvest amount. The key is ensuring both units are consistently problem free. That’s what screws up your grows