Anyone notice the grow journal button on the app?

Well I don’t how you everything is going for you guys if you have iPhones or not but I have been having tons of issues since updating my Apple watch and iPhone … my opinion it’s the new iOS

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Fair, could be a large contributing factor into it. Let me know if any of those solutions solves your problem. If not we can open a formal support ticket and see what the software team can do about it



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Hopefully, when I start using this new feature all the kinks will be ironed out of it… :wink: I want to get all the data put together and load it all in one day… I can get one good photo shot with one click of the app. photo button… If my favorite ((one click until I shut the door)) ever gets to me, I can be better off…

For I am the SlowOne… :wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::camera::camera_flash::herb::green_thumb:

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