Any real notifications?

So far, all I seem to get are canned and timed notifications. Are there legitimate notifications based on sensors? I have a day that I change water on both Grobos to keep them on the same maintenance schedule. But I get “Your Grobo is thirsty” messages the day after changing water. This makes the message useless. It’s like having a wake up alarm for the middle of the day. Hell, I get water change notifications like 3 days after I changed.

Are there legitimate notifications?

How can I turn off all these useless ones?


I don’t believe there are any “legit” ones, like when my LED was overheating and shutting down I never got notified, had to contact support to find out. I also don’t believe you can turn off the “useless” ones either.


No. And turning off the other ones doesnt work atm. Known bug. It gets worse if you have a replaced motherboard as they all show up. I get so many notifications daily from the app i just ignore em all. Unfortunate


I just turned off all Grobo notifications in apple settings.