Any one use the Levo 2

Was looking at getting a Levo 2 and was wondering if anyone has a review of one? :question: :sunglasses: :+1:


Yup love it

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Ditto! Love it!

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@Bplatinum9 @Todd.grobo , Does it smell up the house when activation the cannabis before infusing?

I don’t expect no smell, I’m just wondering if it would mitigate the smell a decent amount or not. And is clean up / maintenance pretty simple?

I’m just 50/50 on it right now there are some scary negative reviews on amazon for the levo 2. Thanks for any input on this questions! :+1: :100:

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I was worried about the reviews as well, but everyone on here loves it (just type levo in the search bar) so I’ll be trying it out when I’m ready to get into edibles. If the issue is buying through sellers on Amazon, you can probably get a replacement from levo directly.

It does smell up the whole house but not like weed, it smells like coffee grounds!
Cleanup is so simple because there really isn’t any, a paper towel inside and the parts can be cleaned out with a little soap and water or the dishwasher.
I used a screen so there was no cleanup really, Linked it down below

You can use this website if you can’t afford one lump payment, there’s no interest charges to use sezzle at checkout.


The dry mode smells as much as activate. Just slighrly different temperatures. On rhe opposite floor of the house it smells liek cigarettes

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The only part to clean is mostly rubber so sink clean in 5 minute’s

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