Any AN nute users here? What couple are the best?

I been adding a couple AN (Advanced Nutrients) products to this grow and they seem to have helped.

What I am trying to figure out is: What are the top few AN products to use?

I know they are “arguably” one of the top brands, but I am not about to use 15-20 different products :rofl: for one grow no matter what they say. So I am trying to pick a few for the beginning of the grow and a few for flower and end game.

Here is what I came up with, not saying it is the best, but seems like it should work nice from what I have seen.

Not AN but I start with:

Hydroguard and Fish S for the water and roots.

Then along with the Grobo nutes, the AN starts with:


Then in Flower along with all the above, also add when the right weeks come:

Bud Candy
Big Bud

Then use this the last week before flush:

Flawless Finish

Does this sound OK or I am gonna kill it with an over dose? :grinning:


That is for my next grow so still thinking. My current grow is using the Grobo nutes and I added Bud Candy, today I started Big Bud and I might add Overdrive when the weeks come for it.

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Be careful when add big bud and overdrive / bud Candy with Grobo nutes together. I can almost guarantee your Ec will be to high. Unless your planning on diluting your nute tank with fresh water before adding the extra’s.

Don’t take this the wrong way but I’m a firm believer less is more!

For your first question for me the answer depends on what type of media your using or are you talking about Grobo use only?


I only have the Grobo and been adding mostly Bud Candy and Fish S and its been coming along. The next grow I am thinking ahead on and adding the AN in some kind of dosage. The nice thing about using mostly AN nutes is you don’t have worry about the ph changes according to them using them with any other products.

I am expecting,fingers crossed, nice results once I figure it out. :grinning:

Have you looked at Rhino Skin by chance? I use it and makes a great difference. I don’t mix it as concentrated in the grobo or in pots as a matter of fact. Lot goes a long way. I use the full lineup in soil pots but haven’t messed around much in the grobo other than this and flawless finish for 6-8 hrs a couple times through the flush stage


No, I will look at that, thanks.

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