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I’m finding the android interface to be really clunky. The drain and fill process doesn’t really explain that I have to press the “drain” button every 30 seconds to keep draining. If it finishes draining and you can hear the pump sucking air, there should be a way to stop draining and begin filling. If I click “pause” it will not allow me to proceed to the “fill” step. I’m figuring it all out, but it could be explained better in the app.

I’m sure the Grobo is aware of many more data points that aren’t shown in the app. I would like to see the data. Certainly the Grobo knows what the temperature and humidity are? Certainly the Grobo has data on the water quality that could also be displayed? Perhaps how much of each chem has been added and/or desired and actual ph levels of the water?

Perhaps future models could have a camera inside for viewing the plant.

My plant is growing and looks happy and healthy!


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Hi Cat, Can you contact Your drain system shouldn’t be functioning that way and I’ll like you start a support ticket for us to trouble shoot.

Getting more data to our users is on our list of features to roll out, and I’m glad to hear about your plant growing well.

I see you were helped but to just add to this. I have noticed issues with the drain and fill working properly but rebooting my phone resolved the issue likely a cache issue.

I’ll try to video capture it next week on the drain.

I do notice big differences from android to iPhone with the website.

As Jason noted, this ended up being a problem with my Grobo. One of the water level sensors became disconnected in shipping. Grobo support helped me get it fixed! Everything seems to be working as you would expect, now.


Hi ToddYYC, if this continues after a reboot, reach to customer support, and we’ll get you back on track.


No issues this time. Did notice the ui spacing is a bit poor on the Samsung s9plus.

You can see some text boxes overlap at the bottom left and a hidden phone bar not visible in a screen shot as bar auto hides.

Perhaps where my previous concerns came up from. The boxes were not visible on my old Samsung Galaxy s6edge


Thanks @Todd.grobo for sharing this,

We’ve pinged the software team to look into this - thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:



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@Todd.grobo sorry for the late reply. We have applied a fix that should address the issue you were seeing. We do not have a Samsung S9 Plus for testing at the moment so please let us know if anything still looks out of place on your end.


Thanks @bruno I’ll check it out when my refill notification pops up. Should have been this morning but perhaps tonight. Thanks. Does a screen shot help your team at all? I have several phones if you need other models.


Hey @bruno I really love the change. So much simpler. Thank you. UI is fine now. No issue draining or filling