Alternative to Power Banks for Extras in Grobo

If you have a usb-powered device in the Grobo that requires a power bank or has a really short cord (mini humidifier, mini camera, fan) leaving you with less options for where you can place your unit, there’s really long usb cords available for super cheap.

(forgive me if this doesn’t excite you as much as it excites me :rofl:)

This one’s 20ft and they have even longer ones: (2) for $13


I have a Small Fan (not on yet) and I used a smart Power Strip

and I sent it on top of my Grobo RN is long enough

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I have a smart strip too, it has 4 usb outlets ( I posted it on here last week I think), but I have it plugged in on one end of the room while the Grobo is on the other so the USB cord from my mini humidifier is a few feet too short to reach it. Using my power bank was annoying because it wouldn’t last all day so I was super excited to find out long ass usb cords exist lol.