Almost there! Should i extend?!

Morning y’all, Happy monday! (playin hookey :rofl:)
So seems like im nearing the end of my very first harvest and wondering should i extend anymore time? Currentlybat total day 59 (21/23 flowering) and then the ten day flush. Should i extend the flowering period or let it ride out?

Fingers always end up super sticky and stinky cant believe i even did this little success off of my first ever grow.


Great grow… looks real healthy😎however I can’t see the trichomes. If they are 50 percent or more cloudy and/or amber you should be good to go. If not, extend another week!


@buzzy6 thanks i guess being so paranoid in the beginning paid off she stayed healthy lol. Going to try and pick up a jewelers loupe tonight at wally world so i can check the trichome heads and take it from there!


@buzzy6 so unfortunately i thought i could rely on Amazon to deliver the loupe in time to check the trichomes they just delayed the package two more days and flower ends tonight. I went ahead and extended flower by seven days i figured at least until the loupe arrives then all id have to is flip to flush stage If all seven days isnt needed. The harvest card that came with the beans say avg. 60-80 day harvest(autoflower). As far as the flush phase when that begins will it know not to draw the nutes into the water or do i pull the bottles?


No worries on your extension and in regards to the flush, you can leave your bottles where they are because Grobo will stop feeding. Good luck.


@buzzy6 Loupe finally showed and from what i see i made the right choice extending but may not do the full seven days. Took someones advice in the beginning of this grow to do my drain and fills with one gallon room temp water and one gallon keep in the fridge and weekly ive had no problems keeping the water temp between 68-70 degrees once the temps regulate after the fill but today i notice the waters running alittle warm 73.6, is it normal because im nearing the end? As far as box temp and humidity is concerned the thermo pro is at the top of the box reading the canopy temp at 85.3 with 38% humidity(small dehumidifier inside the grobo works great!)


Awesome very nice job!!!

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