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One thing that is left to be desired on these forums is the ability to truly ZOOM in to people’s large photos!

I really want to see CLOSER looks at harvests, buds, and plants! I can tell that some images are large enough resolution to be zoomed in to, but even changing the zoom of the window on AllGrowers does not change the viewpoint of images, only the text and words behind it!

Would really love to have the ability to get some higher quality inspection of things.

Just a suggestion.

Thanks for everything, really going to be diving in to the forums even more soon because I put my initial down payment on my Grobo, have lots of extra supplies already arriving, and have my seeds on their way was well. I wanted to use Sezzle, but unfortunately they did not accept me, so I had to use instead. Well worth the wait for such an amazing product, and I am very excited to learn and experiment.

If all goes well, I should have a harvest by Christmas :slight_smile:

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Okay weird, I just found a picture that let me zoom in after I wrote this post!

However, checked another and I was unable there (Was in a photo set of 8 photos, clicking just advanced the photo)


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I have noticed a growing trend on AG and I think it would be helpful if someone, with the proper well rounded mind set, can start a PINNED post (ideally controlled by grobo team & affiliates) that properly talks about the “NEED” OF BUYING AFTER MARKET ITEMS. When I say properly…I mean: As a person who knows nothing about growing being told to buy a humidifier,hydro guard , a chiller , or whatever. Then there should be info attached to that post that tells me why I need those things and whar results I’m expected to get with this item. And the reasoning behind the attached information is so that people can make a better more informed decision before even considering buying these items.
For example, If you’re telling me I need hydro guard tell me why. Tell me where it’s needed or not needed. Tell me what levels of success you’ve had with the product.
Why? It’s very simple. Most people will find the grobo (with exception to factory assembly defects) operates exactly as advertised if used in the way it was designed to be used. Emphasis on “DESIGNED TO BE USED” . What do I mean. Simple. They told you it needs Wifi. Then you get the unit and put it in a place in your house that doesn’t receive Wi-Fi. Uhhh… Guess what… You just used the item incorrectly, and I assure you that there’s nothing wrong with the product but guess what… You’re gonna need a Wi-Fi anntena. Simple. So starting a Topic post that deals directly with the purchase of AFTER MARKET ITEMS can show you that if you’re growing with a grobo only… That maybe you don’t need to spend $400 on some things that aren’t gonna insure success nor are they gonna give you a better result, and a lot of times will only end up causing damage to your unit, grow, budget, and/or overall experience.
Now I know the info is already on this site. Most just aren’t doing the proper research. But as the most people know… Some people benefit from having instant access to the correct information. And this seems like a topic that will benefit the Grobo company as much as it will benefit the Grobo customer or user. I understand the grobo team may not be able to discuss these types of items due to certain legal aspects of business that most customers don’t understand. However if that’s the case I know there to be plenty of Top notch users on here that can grow a topic post like the one I’m describing. The reason why I suggest the grobo team get involved is because a lot of this info is already on AG it’s just not compiled in one place with the proper information ( in reference to use with the grobo) which, I’m sure, the grobo team could assist with.
At the end of the day what’s good for the user is good for other users and good for grobo as a brand and a company.


I think you’re definitely right about that. There should be some kind of glossary or something! My purchases were all made on reading through threads and seeing very sporadic information but once I realized the situational use of the items and why it made the purchase seem pretty smart.

For instance, I was kinda worried about the smell. I asked on the forum up front before I purchased the Grobo so I got some honest answers, and knew why buying some kind of Carbon Filter system would benefit me. I saw multiple systems in use on here (AG forums) before I made a purchase. I also asked the user a little more detail about their system as well before I got it. If @SWSVIC didn’t make an in-depth guide of how he installs and created his system, I might have not found a comfortable way to even approach something like this either. I am “crafty” but I get intimidated by projects sometimes. I had to search the forums to find the information.

I don’t think the average user would read up as much before buying something like this, so an indepth guide like you’re recommending would be great, and I would second the motion.

I understand why I have every purchase I made and how it could benefit me but I had to do digging all over to come up with it; for instance, one post I found that had a list of items that would help I couldn’t remember where I even found it at because of the “Related” posts that come up on the forums, kinda an example of how the information is out there but not in one location.