Algae on top

Hey guys. Got a cocopod, but when it arrived, it was damp on the inside of the package. I used it anyway not thinking much. My seed never germinated. I started again and looks like my second seed hasn’t germinated either and algae has started to grow on the top of the pod. Looks like I’m on day 8 or so of my second seed with the same cocopod and no germination yet.

Give it more time? Try another seed? Or toss the pod, buy another one, and try a third seed?



With ya on that one. Opened what felt like a damp new pod. Came back after 7 days and she hadn’t popped. Black mold? On the top sort of firmly sealed it. I had to RIP the top out to see the seed. I might have saved her so I’ll give her a few more days. Otherwise ill be waiting for more pods before the next. Nothing as should be wrong as the pod was damp. Tanked looked good as I did the full clean, air stone included.

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Same thing happened with me @SterlingNico. Mine was just green algae, brushed some off and third time was the charm. Could (usually) be genes of seeds, strong vs weak ones.

ChrisGrobo Team - CTO

Oct 23

No - they do not go bad

Is there something up with your Coco Pod @Dew?

Here’s a few suggestions:
-if it’s hard and falls right through the hole in the water tank cover try soaking it for 15 minutes to regain its full size
-if it’s got white/green residue on the top of it, gently brush it off or agitate the Coco Pod until it’s gone

Hope that helps,


I purchased three coco pods and they all seem to have some moisture in the bags straight from Grobo. I would imagine so they don’t completely dry out and become britlle and break or crumble easier.


that makes sense @Azuri hadnt event considered that :slight_smile:

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I’ve got a couple extra too, been keeping in the fridge. Moisture stays really well :+1: