Algae build up

seeing a lot of brown algae build up on my nutrient tubes, is that normal, or is the water not moving enough, i started wiping it down after every refill i do


Same issue here need help

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From my experience it is stain from nutrients! I do disassemble after each grow and sterilize them but stain remains.


what do you mean, like i get what ur saying but why is there so much algae build up im asking not about the stain color from the nutrient lol,its only on the tubes tho so its no big deal i just wipe it down every refill now, just wanted to know if its a possible issue with my machine but i think its just natural for that to happen so its what ever

Never had an issue with algae. What are your water temps in reservoir? Algae usually grows with repeated light exposure. Is your cover level? Also u shouldn’t be exposing roots to unnecessary light or water resevoir.Are u using any additives other than Grobo nutrients?

hey man, where would light be getting through, i dont really open it, only to change the water, and to make sure the system is bubbling, my roots are fine, but the tubes all have algae

also why do i need to check my water temp, its a automated system i thought it does everything on its own you know and i think the panel is leveled, im fitting it as best as i can

And yea it pretty much does it all so far from my experience. But where you live also where the machine is placed etc can effect ur temperature which might cause the alge. Learned that :fishing_pole_and_fish: not growing lol

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I not sure but I just noticed the same situation i think it’s from the coco pod because I had a little chunk and when I looked at it closely that’s what it was.

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It doesn’t regulate temperature in resevoir! U can get a aquarium temp monitor on Amazon for 5-6 bucks. Also as a preventive measure I would recommend getting some hydroguard. If u order it get a small bottle of it. It expires 3 months after opening. As far as dosing using 7.5 mL with each water change after nutrients have dispensed. Some people have incorporated water chillers to regulate temps in resevoir. I only provided some environmental modifications such as a tower fan place on side of unit aimed at towards back of unit and wall. Also unit shouldn’t be placed against wall. My unit has 1.5 foot of spacing on all sides of unit.I also keep my house temp regulated around 73 degrees. Hopefully this helps.


that was awesome help lol, thank you, ill look into all this stuff, where can i find hydro guard btw. oh and do you know what may be causing the pod pannel to not fully lay flat

i feel some of this stuff shouldve been incorporated in the building process, maybe the next one thats made can have this in it, if they add water chillers, make it a little bigger for bigger yields, and maybe contain the light more, then the grobo would be 100 percent a go to grow box for anyone cus its already a very good design cant wait to see the next one

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Amazon or local hydroponic store.

ok cool, any good brands

Hydroguard is made by bonticare

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hey man, since u seem to know a lot, should i wear protective gear when i go in my grobo, or is it not a thing to worry about

Anytime I fool with anything in resovoir I put disposable gloves on. Just helps prevent outside contamination.

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i meant protection from the uv light

Limit light exposure to your roots. They don’t like it! As for yourself. The Grobo light want hurt u. If it were a tent grow with led light then yes. There are special glasses made for that.

Thank you man, your an awesome help