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Dear Growers

we are at the day 49 of live . i guess she looks good !

but i m a bit worry regarding the flushing time , becasue last time it was to late ( and too short the flush : two days only )

my shift schedule take 80 days , instead my plant suppose to take 9/10 weeks from germination to harves …( royal queen seed ) …and looks even early !

i guess the keypoint will be to choice the right time , right day , to switch the appliacation in “flushing” , ( i wish to make at least 6 days of flush this time )

i hope you will be able to see pictures




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Hey there! Its looking healthy! How much time do you have left in your grow? Can you get some close ups of the trichomes and pistils?


Hello Groweers & Chad

thanks for yr feed back

still we have 19 days of flowering left ( plus 10 of flushing ) following the "shift scedhule " - ( tot 80 days )
but the mother factory ( royal queen ) grant an harvest after 9/10 weeks from germination ( and my germination was the day after i plant my seed , even buds get up so quick , i think its even an early plant )

i m at my second grow and first one was ruined by late cutting ( everything was burned and i was obliged to have only 2days of flushing ) , thats why i do not want lose the second train .

i guess i should anticipate of 7/10 days my shifth …isnt ? even because i would like to have 5/6 days of flushing , this time

thanks for share with me if you have any suggestion or advise




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