AK-47 Day 15

My first AK-47 suffered from root rot, water was likely too warm. Moved the Grobo away from the wall to increase airflow this time. So far, so good!


Can’t tell she even had a problem! Keep us posted!




Awesome recovery if it is the same plant:



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It’s a new seed. Here is Day 23. Still looking good.


Ak-47 is one of my favorite strains. Hope this turns out well for you!


Day 27. Root rot again. Water is Ph 8.6. I put a ticket in. I am thinking this is not for me maybe.

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Whoa… :flushed: :scream:

Yep waaaaay high. 5.7 is where you want to be. Sounds like you need to take out bottles 1+2 and ph your water prior to a fill. Lots of us do it here. It’s almost become a thing :joy:

Quick question, are the roots slimy? Does it smell off in your res? If so then yes root rot, if not then its just a ph issue and your roots are experiencing nute stain(no big deal)! :+1::v:

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Also what temp is your res water? That will tell you if root rot is setting in :+1::v:

Question: In all my reading it says, is any of this info wrong? Should I be trying for 5.7 ph?
I didn’t think to ph my water before filling but it does sound smart!
6.0 ph - 6.5 ph normal/average
1.2 ec - 2.0 ec normal/average

18 c - 22 c normal
65 f - 70 f normal
72 + root rot

Yeah, it’s a bit more technical than that, but you have the framework! You just have to remember, hydro and soil have different values than one another and you must thus adjust to that particular setup​:+1::v:


Good to know!!! Thanks!

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Honestly, if it’s excessive water temp that is causing this and the Grobo doesn’t/can"t regulate that, then I may as well sell this thing and reinvest into a tent setup, where I have more environmental controls. I am a bit frustrated that I can’t monitor ph, water, air temp and humidity through the Grobo app, or at least have the app warn me when the values are outside the normal range. This is marketed as an "automated grow box’, but it’s far more customer-dependent for intervening than that promise.


Preachin to the choir son, preachin to the choir :+1::v::joy:


Does anyone have any recommendations for a micro water chiller? There are several made for aquariums, but we need something scaled for a 2 gallon reservoir instead of 40. Thanks in advance.

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New owner, day 12. I was concerned about water temps as well. Mine were in the high 70’s. I purchased a chiller, pump and tubing. I also picked up a couple of extra tube ties as the unit only came with 2 and 4 are needed. I haven’t noticed any condensation as others have in much hotter climates.


Make sure you pick a pump that suits your enviorment. I was not crazy about the small submersible which wasn’t able to be used inline. Both small tubes for water in/out feed through the back panel and up through the small gap in the back. It does raise your lid slightly, but not much.

The chiller kicks on about every 10-15 minutes, but temps are and have been holding at 65 since adding it.

Submersible only pump
Wasn’t crazy about this pump. It does work,but submersible only - no option for inline. It is small enough to fit inside the water reservoir.


Tube ties downs
These are were 20 cents per at your local ace hardware

Also worth noting that the chiller when running is quiet and unnoticeable until it kicks on to cool. When chilling it’s like a window air condintioner. Not ideal, but necessary. The hot water in the reservoir is a common thread amongst grobo owners, but not all.

Also moved my grobo onto always cool marble tiles and placed 12-14 inches from the wall, with the water chiller and pump - no temp related issues anymore. Not hot inside the grow space nor in the reservoir. It’s a 400$ investment in your investment

Ambient temps throughout


Thank you very much for this feedback, @James. Also, @Osage, I think you are right. The roots aren’t slimy, and they are still shiny. Still very much learning here, so thank you!

Many people also seem to be investing in a Blue Lab monitor. Another CAN$270 but monitors ph, water temp., Which is what I need.

I will look at the chillers. Here in Canada, the non-cheap models seem to be $500-$700.


I notice that you get what you pay for when it comes to chillers (like a lot in life)

The first ten days were stressful for me. Some of it was me, some of it the grobo and a lot of amazon. Since I secured my environment to suit the grobo I’ve yet to see any problems (other than a day where lights didn’t come on?). Only day 12, but the water chiller does work quite well. Adding the chiller, pump and tubing makes a sleek looking grobo non-aesthetically pleasing. Not an issue for me, but defeats the purpose of the design imo.

Is the Grobo perfect? No. There are no perfect automated grow devices. There is a lot id change such as the fundamental water cooling tech, but that said each of our enviorments are different, both temp and RH as well has home variables (differs for each of us). Access to our data, seeing what’s wrong with our grobos via the app, water cooling tech to name a few.

Can the grobo product yeilds? Yes, many folks have. I wouldn’t be so quick to sell your device. Personally I probably would’ve purchased a large grow tent, but space is an issue for me. I also run a few plants outside each year, but this can be tedious. I bought the grobo for its automation which many of us struggle with as its packaged as such to set and forget, but that’s not really the case. Adding the chiller will fix whatever water temp issues you have and will allow you in the later cycles encourage the plant to push all that energy into the buds by lowering the water temp to 62.

The chiller is the only “have” that wasn’t included in the grobo and I prefer intake to submersible (personal preference). That along with a premium ph/ppm test kit like the blue labs mentioned. On top of that I also purchased a dehumidifier that I can set to specific temps and a humidifier although the humidifier I’ll never need. The manually set dehumidifier will also be important as I move further into the grow (70/60/50/40). All of these items can be moved to be used in a different application if you ultimately move away from the Grobo.


Shop around. This one does pH and temperature just fine for $100