Hi everyone,

I’m looking to buy a grobo premium and saw on the forums a way to direct the smell into a carbon filter. It was like a box on the back of the grobo and it had a chimney sort of structure directing the flow into a carbon fitler.

This sounds like a good way to handle the smell issue but my other concern now is that the smell will still leak from the doors?

What is your experience with the lining and material of the grobo door?

lf I can manage the smell, I could make this work. I understand that opening the door will leak the smell but that is not my concern.


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To be honest I have not changed my filter since I bought my grobo because I never notice the smell when the door is shut!
It also depends on the strains you grow, some have a very harsh in your face dank to them but I haven’t grown anything yet that smelled through my grobo doors!
@KeefGreenLeef is the inventor of the outside grobo filter and those who were lucky enough to purchase loves the item and have great things to say about it!


Question when looking at pictures of the grobo I don’t see any air vents in the back? Are there? Where they placed?

I know the carbon filter mod we are speaking of gets placed on the top back of the unit but when looking at factory pics I don’t see any vents…


Air vents are located in the back up top and it also has a removable door in back at the bottom that is easily un screwed and opened.
The filter mod is aimed in the back up top right where the vent is. :eyes::seedling:

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How long do nutrients last? How often do I need to buy the supplies?


The information for nutrient life span is best answered by support Submit a request – Grobo Help Center I couldnt find it!
Say you planned on growing 3 - 4 times in a year, I make it a habit of buying two of everything per grow so 6 - 8 bottles a year will cover all the bases! :eyes::seedling:

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appreciate it champ!

The plan is to never buy second hand plants again.