Air stone [RESOLVED]

Should my air stone at the bottom of the reservoir be bubbling constantly? B/C mine isn’t. I looked at the compressor and air tube through the back access, put my finger on the black box, and it’ seems to be running.

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If no bubbles, its broke. This happend to mine once, I restarted it, and back to normal. Will kill plant if no bubbles.


I had an issue with mine turned out that pice the air hose plugs into was closed shut. I had to pull the air stone out pull off the hose and the end of the air stone back a little then all was fine. If you air pump is on then you should try it.

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Thanks for all the advice. I drained the reservoir, and detached the hose from the air stone. There was definitely air pressure getting through, but not making it through the air stone itself, as I could feel the air coming out with my finger. Pulled the piece out a bit on the end of the air stone where the hose connects using gently-applied needle nose pliers. Reattached the hose and refilled the reservoir b/c once the hose was reattached I could see small bubbles forming along the air stone, so figured it was now working properly. It is. Reservoir refilled, bubbles going strong.

Thanks everybody,


Glad to hear

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