Air pump

Does anyone use this air pump? If so do you set it at max level.


I use the next size up and I absolutely love it. Yes I set it at max level because I like to party.


That’s why I watch TV with the stereo on. I like to party as well.

So my blueberry has some rust spots developing. I just had to cut off 2 bottom leaves. I’ll be on day 14/14 early veg. Temp and humidity are good. PH is usually at 6.2.

I had the pump on the lowest setting. My theory is: my pump was too low and perhaps there was not enough oxygen for the roots to absorb the nutrients.

Does that seem to make sense?


Nope, that is honestly a constant in Grobo growing. Has to be the reaction of leaves touching the grow space floor. That said, did you happen to calibrate your pH pen prior to your grow? If not you may want to do so as the spots on your upper leaves do kind of resemble pH fluctuations. Check it if you have a hand held meter, and submit a ticket just in case. Would rather be safe than let it get out of hand. Otherwise your plant is looking great and is ready to move onto the next phase!

P.S. I like to picture Jesus in a tuxedo t-shirt.

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