Air pump might be dying out

Hi All,
For those who have had air pump issues. My air pump cuts out for maybe a second or two. But comes back on wifi connected fan still running but you can hear air pump cuts off just couple seconds. Did any of you experience that when air pump went out?
I do have an extra air pump and stone running because of other incidents (issues) I have run into with Grobo.
Any feedback is appreciated.
Thank you and Happy Growing!


I have not had issues with my air pump yet besides it being loud at times but I fixed that with some tape.

Adding extra airstones is a good idea as a backup and also to help promote root growth. I added 2 extra airstones and have noticed her growth rate increased tremendously since I added the 3rd airstone which is a XL one (about a week ago).


Thanks for the feedback Vicc

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Question do you find with all that bubbling your Ph is swing more? (using more acid)

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The bubbling will eventually cause the PH to drop towards day 6-7 of my nutrient solution (acid rain effect from adding O2 and Co2 into the water). I do use Silica which is high in alkaline (also I should mention that the AN additives I use are PH perfect so it helps keep the PH around 5.8-6.0) so it balances the solution out, so I do not see the swings happen, normally it just drop from 5.9 to 5.8 after day 5. My daily RO water top offs normally brings it back to 5.9. PH swing is actually desired by most growers since it will allow your plant to uptake a more balance nutrient diet.

From what I read, the airstones does cause PH to drop for a lot of growers towards the end of their nutrient solution cycle, which normally means its time for a water change


Interesting thanks for all the info :+1:



There is this really informative thread on PH swings, feeling your plant out by how its feeding and acid rain effect with the airstone.

There is also this PH / PPM response chart that I found very useful from there


Thanks going to definitely read up on this real soon

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