Aerator not on

Hello. I checked my unit at 6pm Eastern time and the aerator is working now. So I believe they have pushed out the update here at least.


It’s about the same time for me and my grobo has turned its light off literally as I was typing my previous response can’t tell if it’s updating or what? Has anybody else had this experience ?

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I did not have to shut down my unit, but certainly don’t quote me on when it was pushed out. I was just guessing by the way they were talking about it.

When the update is pushed, if you happened to be in view of the Grobo, the interior lights will turn off for a moment, then come back on and everything should be working.
I also believe that when the Grobo is receiving or pulling an update the User LED blinks purple (see here

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@rainstorm3 your right my lights turned off but I’m not sure if I caught the purple blinking led light … it seemed like my unit rebooted but wasn’t paying enough attention… I checked the air pump but not working just yet so I don’t know if I was updated or not lol

@chris_barfield interesting. You have an open ticket, correct? I’d email them back and just let them know that you weren’t sure when the update was getting pushed out (if it didn’t say in the email) and that your aerator still isn’t on.
I can’t remember, did you have a back up solution?

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My grobo restarted itself and my air pump is currently working for the first time :tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::muscle:t4::call_me_hand::call_me_hand::call_me_hand::call_me_hand::call_me_hand:as well as my fluid glass !! @rainstorm3

I remember grobo staff telling me that the glass takes sometime to get clear …Is there anyway of speeding that up or will it just gradually get better since it just started functioning ?


That’s awesome to hear @chris_barfield!!

To my knowledge the fluid glass doesn’t ever go completely clear.
It goes from being opaque (not being able to see the plant at all) to after pressing the user button for one second (or the glass button in the app), you can see through with still a slight haze to it, But you should still be able to see the plant at least.

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@chris_barfield glad to hear the recent push fixed the issue you were experiencing.

For anyone that was experiencing air pump issues please check your unit to ensure the pump is on. You shouldn’t need to restart in order to see the effects (the unit should reboot itself). If for some reason you don’t see bubbles, unplug the unit for 10 seconds and plug it back in, then look for the bubbles.

The current software fix will address the majority or all of the air pump related issues in this thread but if there is by chance anyone else that continues to experience air pump issues, please reach out and we will start a separate investigation.


@rainstorm3 ok cool so then mine is fine thanks


The moment the hot fix goes live and your aerator comes on. :point_down:



@Azuri perfect pic lol


Happy to say mine is working. But it dose not look like my fan is. Other then that she is all groovy.


@Tendo_Glass What day of the grow are you on?


@Tendo_Glass if your not past day 10 then don’t worry fans come on after day 10


Yea buddy!!! Nice work Grobo!


Im on day 13

My air pump stopped working this morning :disappointed: I sent in a ticket…any quick fixes out there ?

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Hey @JonnyBlaze,

A couple of things we can try. Does it look like the clear tube is pinched anywhere? Sometimes that can stop the air from getting through.

If not, the next thing to check is that the air pump is on. To do that, you can remove the small access cover on the back of your Grobo (it’s just a thumbscrew). Once that’s done, you can put your finger or a pen inside the hole towards the center of the unit. There is a small black box which is the air pump and you should feel it vibrating.

If it is vibrating, then just double check that the clear hose is still properly attached to the air pump. If it’s running then there is likely just a kink in the line somewhere for us to find. If the pump has died, we will send you a replacement.

In the meantime, you can try putting your unit into drain mode and put the hose so it trickles back into the tank. So it’s a continuous loop and as the water drops back in it creates oxygen in the tank.



Run to Walmart and buy a cheap air pump wherever they sell the fish tank items


My pump is not working at all. I opened the back, there is no vibration. Two weeks into buying this machine. I checked the hose and its all connected. I turned off and on the machine and still not working. It seems like its the pump not the stone or the hose. What do I do and how long does my seedling have before suffering consequences? This is day thirteen! I have no idea how to install a pump. and really, a new machine should not have parts breaking down.

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