Advice for my 2nd grow please

I’m on 25th day on the flowering cycle in my Grobo. I’m wondering if I made a mistake. Please give your advice so my 2nd grow goes better.
Should I be pinching off theose lower bud sites because they’re just taking energy & resources & won’t yield much or are they fine?
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Everybody grows differently…
These bud sites will start to connect to the ones above them as they fill in.
When growers talk about removal to let the main colas get the energy its mainly the lower branches not the lower bud. They clip the short branches that won’t catch up to the main colas they wish to focus on.

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Awesome! Thank you for the input. I appreciate it


Goggle mainlining or manifold…
My understanding is that every cannabis plant has one “main” cola, the method of mainlining lets you break that nature and produce multiple main colas: 4, 8, 16, etc., by specifically cutting the plant in certain ways. Typically indoor grows do not go above 8 colas simply due to space. This method can add week or two to grow, but it provides for a slightly larger crop (I believe) and gives clear methods for trimming. Anyway, check it out. Try looking on growweedeasy website.