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I planted both of these plants at the same time and one is far more developed than the other. The recipes are correct for each plant and they are two different plants. The bigger one is Blue Cindy and the smaller one is Cheese Auto. Is that how cheese should look, or should I be concerned with how small it is?


Only let me post one image. This is the cheese auto.


Looks like both of your plants started out with ph problems.
Your cheese plant will grow differently if the other is not an auto.
Auto’s grow at their own pace and all plants will grow at different rates even if the strain is the same.
Have you checked your cheese plant to see if the air stone was bubbling?
Your pump is still working?
Did you clean/sanitize your Grobo with distilled water?
Did you recalibrate your probes before this grow?
The affected leaves cannot be healed so please remove them and watch for it spreading to new leaves.
Please submit a ticket to have ph checked.


Yes, the pumps are still working and to answer the other questions simply, I have only done what the app or notifications from the app tell me to do, like change the water and to check on the roots. Other than that, I haven’t done anything that I haven’t been notified to do. I’ll for sure submit that request. Are there any helpful YouTube videos that you can send my way so I know how to properly remove the affected leaves. Really appreciate the help!

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Not really Just cut or pinch off and try not to touch areas not infected.
You can check out @Stephen harvest video for some tips.

Cutting) . (0:37) This first thing that I want to do is I want to pull off all of the fan leaves because they don’t have any medicine on them at all. So I’m going to snip those off like this, straight into the garbage. Some people save these, you can use them for juicing. They have a lot of antioxidants in them, but there is very little CBD or THC. So for most growers these are just trash.

(Cutting) . (1:06) The next level I’m going to look at is called the Sweet Leaf. When you look at the bud really closely, I’m going to get rid of this last fan leaf, you can see there are very little crystals on that one so that one is going to go. But if I take this one for example, you can start to see that there are some crystals on that. So just like very close to the bud here all these Sweet Leaves around the bud which do have terpenes and crystals on them. We’re going to save those and those are going to be used to make oil or concentrates or you can cook with those as well. Some of these on the bottom, some of the smaller buds, we call that in the growers vernacular LARF or Popcorn Bud. Those I’m going to snip off as well and these 4 smaller buds are going to go into my Sweet Leaf, which again I make a concentrate or an edible out of. I’m going to save the very top bud here to dry and then I can use that to either smoke or vape with. So these bottom ones I’m going to pull right off like this. And this one is pretty close, it’s nice and dense, you could maybe get a nug out of that one. Then what I do is I just take off all that Sweet Leaf. Basically what you’re doing now is giving the bud a haircut. You can go in if you can and pull off each individual leaf, it’s a little more time consuming, or you can just go in and give it that nice little haircut. What you’re really looking to do here is get rid of all the leaf and just leave the calyx and the nice bud behind. Once I’m done I usually give it a little tap and there’s a bud that I’ll hang up to dry. So my first one’s done. Again on this one it’s really easy to see where the fan leaves are and you can even just pull those backwards and they’ll come straight off for you. On average you can probably expect to spend about 30 minutes doing your first couple of harvests in a Grobo, maybe a bit longer.

May want to familiarize yourself with certain deficiencies…


Everything is going to grow different and react differently to their environments. Big difference with auto and photo too.

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Whelp. Here’s an update. Pretty sure it’s dead.

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Not dead it appears to be “drowning” is the air bubbler running and producing bubbles?


Yes, it’s working fine and bubbling.

When was the last drain/fill? Is there any brown slime on the roots below? It does look suffocated.

If you haven’t yet you should open a ticket with to get a closer look at the data.


The last drain and fill was about a week ago and I just changed the water yesterday. There isn’t any slime or anything. There hasn’t been any change other than it looking worse as the days go by. The other one I have looks great, but this one just looks worse and worse :frowning:

And yeah, I opened a ticket with them. They said the readings where great and everything is as it should be.


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Yeah looks like the bubbler isn’t working properly

Looks like your lights aren’t on either, if that’s the case you need to keep the door closed if it’s a photo period plant

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