Advice for 1st timer

Hello! I’m growing a Purple Haze photo from ILGM on day 22. We had a ph issue which caused brown spots and yellowing leaves. Roots were looking colored too. She seems to be perking up after the fix and we just gave her new water and nutrients. Roots are looking healthier as well. However, I’m wondering if I should extend the early veg stage? I’m currently on day 12 of 14. She seems a bit small and delicate. Also, can
I trim a bottom leave or two? They seem to be goners!


There is no need to extend early vegetation. See where you are at the end of late vegetation. Late vegetation is where you will want to extend - if needed. It’s looking like you will probably need to.



Thank you!

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100% correct.
She is recovering for sure, but we definitely want her bigger before going into flower.
You can extend her once she is in late veg under maintenance/shift schedule.
The 3 stages to add time if at all would be Late Veg (photo periods only), Flower and Flush.