Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin

Evening Growers,

I am thinking of adding a small dose of Rhino Skin to tomorrow’s day 15 fill. I plan on mixing in 1/4 recommended dose into my fill bucket an hour ahead of time and adjusting the pH prior to conducting the Grobo fill protocol. Increasing the dosage to 1/2 recommended dosage at the next fill, 3/4 at the next, until I’ve worked my way up to the full recommended dosage (per Advance Nutrients). I will continue the regime until the plant is 2 to 3 weeks into flowering and then discontinue.

My question is, does anyone have experience with this additive or any other Potassium Silicate Enhancement products in the Grobo? If so, any advice, instructions, and/or warnings would be greatly appreciated! I plan on SCROGing and would like the enhanced stem elasticity, it is also said to help ward off pests/illness/molds as well as produce fuller/thicker buds, which is also pretty cool :sunglasses:.

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Bro, use it at half strength in late veg and then full strength through week 6 of bloom :+1::v:



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