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Thinking slightly ahead does anyone have anything to say about this additive:

Humboldts Secret World’s Best Plant Food Golden Tree - Plant Savior, Yield Increaser and More

I’ve already ordered Hydroguard :wink:

I would avoid Humoldts Secret, it’s organic which means it is loaded with stuff the bad bacteria love. It will also make is difficult to clean out your Grobo between grows.

I tried Humboldt’s and my reservoir had chunks floating around in it. Honestly I wouldn’t use this in my hydro system either. If you are looking for a bloom booster most of us use Bud Candy and Big Bud.

@SWSVIC has a bunch of new stuff he’s testing out. Basically anything that says it’s organic means that it is not great for a DWC like the Grobo. All of the dead plant stuff in it settles on the bottom, which makes a great place for the bad root rot type bacteria to flourish. Pretty much anything that is salt based would be best for the Grobo.


Now Thats what this forums for :wink:!:blush:!

Great help/info thanks :wink:

I’m right in using Hydroguard though yeah :thinking:??..EVERYONE seems too :rofl:!:wink:!..

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