Additional LED lights on the bottom?

Question for the Pros!

I found this clip on LED Light! I was wondering if it would be of any use? The Grobo has its lights above. This product would provide some light for the bottom and its surrounding.

Take a look and please let me know your thoughts. I am interested in buying this.

Thanks All!

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don’t quote me. Maybe @azuri or @chris_barfield but 40w isn’t even worth it for these plants?
I think with properly learning LST you’ll increase your harvest by about 40% once mastered in just LST. I don’t think these lights would be more significant than that. Save your $


Seemed successful for @Nathan, he might be able to shed some light.


When I saw that little light I thought to myself that something like that would be perfect to rig somehow on the sides of the plant inside the Grobo.

Having the low light it has I thought was actually perfect. It would allow the Grobo to do its natural thing. Just give the plant that little push! I also thought it wouldn’t need to be used the whole time. Maybe just a few stages.

What do I know!! :crazy_face::call_me_hand:
Imma Roooooooooookie!

Thanks for sharing…


To be honest the cost vs return isn’t worth it… it will do something … just not enough to cause any real growth … also have to factor in par etc …


Yeah, I plan on trying it out for my next grow. I plan on growing outside the Grobo (fruits/ veggies/ herbs) so if it turns out to be a pointless addition, it will just be used for another plant.


I wonder what @Stephen would say or reccomend about this.

I mean I see it as the more light the better yield… again what do I know…

He would probably tell you that the Grobo is meant to take care of all your plant’s needs and he does not recommend users add anything to it :wink:


@Hellyesshedid I know someone using a couple of these to supplement light with their clones while we wait for warmer weather for outside grow - they said they’re great but yeah wattage isn’t enough for a primary source


I’ve grown with them outside of the grobo and was able to grow through veg state and moved my plant outside in 2nd week of flowering because it was fall. Inside the grobo I did notice that the leaves underneath responded well and growth increased when I places it inside. But I am still on the fence for effectiveness of grobo use.


Not worth the time ,Effort, or money … in the grobo the gains won’t be enough to justify … my opinion part of growing is making mistakes and learning