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Would anyone else recommend using:

Humboldt’s secret golden tree"

In a Grobi :thinking:??

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I hear good things about it. The trick is to get the timing down on when to introduce and the rate you ramp up the dosage. It has microbes, carbs, kelp, and other boosters that increase metabolism so many growers would want to add more pk when using golden tree.

I dont use golden tree, but I use its competitors product, canna boost.

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M8s have used Canna Products so thanks for the heads up :slightly_smiling_face:

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A+B or just Canna Boost :thinking:??

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If you are using Grobo nutes, then do not use AB, as they are base nutrients.
For the grobo, you can use the following canna products:

Root and reservoir health. healthy roots = big fruits

  • Cannazym
  • Rhizotonic

Use during flower week 3-6 (as soon as flowers start showing up)… high concentration Potassium and Phosphorous for flower bulking.

  • PK 13/14 (use sparingly unless you have a tds meter and know what you are doing)

Use entire flower, helps with color, resin, metabolism, photosynthesis boost

  • Boost

I became a big fan of their product and my friend also uses them. My current grow is using boost and just finished its round of pk 13/14

When using PK, be sure you ramp it up starting with lower dosage and the recommended dose should be the maximum. I would also dilute the grobo solution a bit before adding PK


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I also want to add that when going by plant age (weeks), its not by actual calendar or grobo schedule, but rather the plants visual age. You can look at something like this to use as a guide to compare visually and to get a sense of your plants age. I made the mistake of not understanding this early on during flower and made several mistakes but I guess I learned from the experience lol:

Also another additive I highly recommend is using some kind of silica, but be sure to read up on it and allow it to bind to your water and mix it first before any other solution. Silica will help make the stalk bigger and stronger. It will also help fight the dampening off issue everyone here seems to be having lately.


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