About to order my grobo

So I will be ordering my grobo later today or tomorrow. I can not wait I am super stocked that they will ship after a fee days of purchase. I was wounding if anyone can recommend a great site to buy seed that will ship to CT


@Chef Welcome to the group. I too recently purchase my grobo and received my unit within 4 weeks of purchase. Current grow is doing well and about in its 8th day. Typical delivery times are 4-6 weeks after paid in full (they’re building your device in Michigan). That said, I’m happy with my decision as of today to be a Grobo owner over some of the other choices we have/had.

The grobo is not perfect, but the Grobo support group is really great about resolving issues for folks. IMO one of the best and attentive support groups I’ve had the pleasure of dealing w/. Many of the people on this forum are also more than willing to help or point you in the right direction if or when issues arise. A lot of sharp folks here and I would encourage you to take advantage of the kindness and efforts to share knowledge. I spent my first few weeks reading everything in this forum while I stared at the calander in anticipation for my delivery. I would suggest you do the same.

As for seeds, I have purchased seeds over the years from multiple vendors. Recently, I made a purchase for Seeds for me SeedsForMe (good quality) and the delivery times from purchase to door were the fastest yet (2 days from Washington state to Illinois). Adam from Seedforme is terrific and we exchanged several emails and even received a follow-up after my delivery to make sure I was still happy as well asking if he could further assist me and asked how they could improve service - top notch seller imo. I’ve also recently bought from GYO GYO time from purchase to deliver was about 2 weeks for my outside grow. GYO’s return address showed a California residence so I suspect they’re coming in from out of country and then resent to us, but I can’t validate that.

Reputable sites
Barney’s farm

It’s really preference and what you want to spend or grow. I prefer to run more expensive seeds or better genetics in the controlled environment of the grobo

Check out this thread from others in the community



Don’t forget 25% off your 1st order at TrueNorth!



Thank you. Is there prmo code I use? I just placed my order for the grobo this morning

whats the discount code ?


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If in US make sure u get insurance in case customs takes it

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I PM’d you two the code.

Order away!



I take it that has been happening?

Ordering from a seed bank that is in your own country you should be ok for the most part, ordering international the risk of confiscation is higher so i’d pay up and get the insurance or order local.


I’m in ct feel free to pm me :call_me_hand: I used truenorth with the toy discreet packaging. Took about two weeks to arrive tho it was during a holiday weekend. My first grow is from a saved seed from a ct mmp strain.

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I’m from ct what area you in?

You in ct too?