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In the recipe there are two CHEESE recipes from the same BREEDER /Canuk Seeds.
One has a grow time of 100 days and the other says 94 days.
Both are HYBRID.
My question: is one of them supposed to be an auto? If so please correct, if not whats the reason for this?
I’m actually looking for a recipe for cheese by seedsman for a fem photo, mostly sativa.

P.s. Is there a reason there is not a 7 or 10 day dry mode? Is there a way to extend if we need more time?

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Hey @Bplatinum9,

Great catch, I’ve cleaned that up, we had a double recipe situation happening. The 100 day recipe is correct. You can use that recipe for your seedsman strain and adjust the timing if needed with the shift schedule feature.

If you need more time in drying mode, just let the recipe continue, it won’t stop until you end the grow through the app.



Hey guys n gals what’s up so I got a auto purple kush seed not shur on breeder from i49 it’s a indica . And there are only 2 recipes in the grobo anybody?

So I bought seeds from i49 seed bank auto purple kush it’s a indica but in grow recipes there are only 2 different recipes should I just pick the one that’s indica cause the other is a sativa?




(If it was me, I would use this Recipe): (If the nutrients aren’t right, you could always put in a ticket to fix it): :ticket::tickets: